Why Effective VOIR Dire Strategies are Vital in Highly Publicized Cases

Most times a lot of highly publicized cases are lost just because attorneys fail to implement the right voir dire strategies. Rather than rely on hunches and assumptions, attorneys need an effective strategy in such cases. Voir dire, which is a Latin word, means “speaking the truth.” It is a jury selection process in which attorneys are permitted to question the prospective jurors, to confirm their qualifications, determine any basis for the challenge and to know who would or would not be a just and fair juror. By questioning prospective jurors, voir dire consultants will be able to set up theories based on the responses of the jurors. Continue reading

Why Should I Use a Consultant for Witness Preparation

While most people frown at their problems, the fact remains that problems never end. If you find yourself in this shoe (witness preparation), Denver witness preparation consultants are ready to embrace your witness preparation problems. Here’s why! Going through the witness preparation process yourself can be quite complicated as it involves a series of processes that cannot be handled by a novice. Continue reading

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