Dr. Lillian Glass, Ph.D., MS

Senior Trial Consultant

Known as the “First Lady of Communication,” Dr. Glass is one of the world’s most well respected and foremost authorities in the field of Communication. Dr. Glass uses her expertise in body language and communication to assist in witness preparation, trial advocacy, pretrial jury research, and jury selection. Specifically, Dr. Glass uses her expertise to assess the persuasiveness and viability of arguments made during mock trial exercises; make recommendations as to persuasively communicating case theories and facts; improve witness testimony and attorney advocacy; and ferret out prospective juror authenticity and bias in jury selection. Dr. Glass also regularly serves as an expert witness in both federal and state court cases and is qualified in the area of vocal forensics and behavioral analysis.

Dr. Glass received her Ph.D. at age 24, in the field of Communication Disorders from the University of Minnesota. Dr. Glass’s doctoral dissertation “The Psychosocial Perceptions of Speech and Cosmetic Appearance on Patients With Craniofacial Anomalies” is a landmark study. At the University of Minnesota, Dr. Glass combined her minor in Clinical Genetics with her major, Communication Disorders. Earlier, she received her M.S. in Speech from the University of Michigan and graduated magna cum laude with a B.S. from Bradley University in Speech and Hearing Sciences. Dr. Glass completed a Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Medical Genetics at UCLA School of Medicine, where she was both the youngest and only Ph.D. in the M.D. program. Dr. Glass went on to become a university professor at USC, where her research on psychosocial and communication aspects of patients with genetic diseases was published in professional journals worldwide.

Dr. Glass is a verbal and nonverbal communication expert, which allows her to assess, adjust, and improve witness and attorney presentation-effectiveness in depositions and in the courtroom. Dr. Glass brings to the legal setting her extensive experience working with some of Hollywood’s top performers to learn an accent or dialect for a particular movie role, including Dustin Hoffman, who she helped sound like a woman for Tootsie, Sean Connery, Melanie Griffith, Nicholas Cage, Andy Garcia, Julio Iglesias, and Will Smith. Dr. Glass is also known for her help training deaf actress Marlee Matlin to speak publicly for the very first time at the Academy Awards. Dr. Glass has also worked with countless sports figures, politicians, and world leaders in enhancing their communication skills.

Dr. Glass has authored over 14 books including the original best seller Toxic People. Dr. Glass regularly lectures on body language, and her book I Know What You’re Thinking is translated into every language in the world. Dr. Glass is a well-respected media personality. She has appeared on The Nancy Grace Show, MSNBC, Showbiz Tonight, and Dr. Phil. Dr. Glass has also appeared on Oprah, Larry King Live, the Discovery Network, The Bio Channel, Inside Edition, and The O’Reilly Report, and is consistently quoted in The Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, and NY Times.

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