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The First Lady of Communication, Dr. Lillian Glass, Joins Focus Litigation Consulting

MIAMI, FL – July 29, 2013 – Focus Litigation Consulting, LLC is pleased to announce the recent addition of Dr. Lillian Glass to the trial consulting team.

Glass is a world-renowned behavior analyst, voice and speech consultant, and body language expert. She is the author of 18 books including the best sellers Toxic People, Body Language Advantage, and her most recent book, The Body Language of Liars. Dr. Glass has worked with countless actors, sports figures, politicians, and world leaders to help them enhance their public image by improving their verbal and nonverbal skills.

Dr. Glass joins FLC as an affiliate trial consultant, using her expertise in body language and communication to assist in witness preparation, attorney persuasion and trial advocacy, jury selection, and in-court monitoring.

“We are thrilled to have Dr. Glass as a member of our team,” commented Marjorie Sommer, FLC co-founder and senior trial consultant. “She will add her years of practice and expertise in communication enhancement and body language to our already diverse team, and will be a real asset to our clients, who will surely benefit from her extraordinary skills.”

Dr. Glass’ coaches and trains lawyers, litigants, experts, and witnesses to be more appealing to a jury/judge and effectively heard. She does this by focusing on the psychology, self-esteem, body language, voice and speech, and communication skills of her clients. Dr. Glass also works with legal teams to analyze jurors during jury selection and monitor juror receptiveness and reaction to arguments, exhibits, and witnesses during trial.

“I’m excited to join Focus Litigation Consulting and to add my expertise to an already robust and comprehensive consulting firm,” commented Dr. Glass, who went on to discuss the benefits of pretrial preparation: “The body doesn’t lie. The voice doesn’t lie. Speech patterns don’t lie. Witness and attorney preparation are invaluable tools to increase your likeability and credibility to a judge or jury.”

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