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Do You Really Know Your Jurors?

Lawsuits today are not only expensive and time-consuming – they are also very risky. One of the most significant risk factors is the increasing diversity of American society. How do you approach a jury that includes members of multiple ethnic groups and races, and which spans three to four generations of Americans? How can attorneys uniformly get their case across to a group of people so diverse in their basic beliefs, core values, expectations, life experiences, basic assumptions, knowledge, education, and upbringing? How can you persuade while accounting for such divergent emotional makeups, cognitive styles, interpersonal orientation and individual biases and attitudes? FLC can help you understand your jury to avoid critical empanelling and persuasion mistakes throughout trial.

We definitely had a head start over the plaintiff from the information we received from you on how a jury would perceive the facts and circumstances of our case. Your participation during the jury selection phase was also crucial and your judgments as to individuals to select as jurors proved right on target. Marvin E. Garrett, Los Angeles, California