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Client Testimonials

My client hired Geri and her team to conduct a mock trial for a tricky whistleblower lawsuit.  The report that followed was incredibly detailed and was filled with invaluable information regarding every aspect of the case.  It helped us shape our trial theme, determine juror sentiment on thorny issues, and determine which evidence mattered most to a layperson.  In fact, the report was so good and my client was so impressed with Geri’s work, we hired Geri to assist us with voir dire at trial.   After 5+ years of litigation and a two-week jury trial, it took the jury only an hour-and-a-half to deliver a full defense verdict in my client’s favor.  There is no question that this decisive victory was due in large part to Geri’s involvement and contribution.  It is not a matter of “if” I will hire Geri again, it is a matter of when.

Jonathan Beckerman
Littler Mendelson
Miami, Florida

I have been using focus groups and simulated trials with jury consultants since 1985. Our recent experience with your firm was outstanding and has put your firm at the very top of our list of trial consultants.

Your firm was able to understand an extraordinarily complicated case and the personalities of the parties associated with it, assist us in developing a methodology for presentation to a series of mock juries, supervise the selection of these mock juries and the presentation of the hypothetical case to them. In turn, your analysis of the results allowed us to employ the information to effectuate a great settlement. I was very pleased with the experience and we are happy to recommend you, not only to the clients of our firm, but also to colleagues who are anticipating the need of similar services.

Bluntly, they cannot do better than hiring you.

Andrew C. Hall
Hall, Lamb, Hall & Leto, P.A.
Miami, Florida

Focus Litigation Consulting adapts to the specific case needs providing the client and attorney with significant insights into your case. They are highly professional and add value to your representation. I highly recommend using their services.

Steven W. Davis
Boies, Schiller & Flexner, LLP
Miami, Florida

Many thanks for your work on the Bishop case. Winning this case sent a strong message that when we are right, we will fight! The increasing trend of businesses and insurance companies to settle cases, will only increase the number of people who think they can get money when they know they do not deserve it.  The work your team did to assist our attorneys at Littler and our management team was instrumental.

In particular, the 36-juror mock trial clearly showed us where our case had opportunities for improvement. The mock also showed the work I needed to do to be able to become more “relatable” to a jury.  Your comprehensive written jury research report became instrumental to our trial planning.  The supplemental written juror questionnaire used in voir dire gave us a clear understanding of how to elicit key case-related juror biases. And, the witness preparation work you did with me and other members of our team had us ready for trial. From posture to relatable clothing to tone of response…it was all valuable. 

 Having your team with us for jury selection ensured that we had a jury that was favorable. The fact that, after a two-week trial, they deliberated for less than an hour says it all!

Thanks again for helping us win. It was not easy for me to decide to spend the money, but I would do it again.

Kent Shoemaker
Lipman Produce (largest tomato grower in North America)

Your professionalism and knowledge of jury selection procedures were of great assistance in the resolution of our six complex cases. Our team (of 10 lawyers) all enjoyed working with you. During the week before trial, there is always a great deal of stress, and your presence and expertise had a calming influence. The supplemental juror questionnaire you drafted and voir dire questions you proposed were very helpful in jury selection. We really appreciated working with you.

Robert C. Josefsberg, Esq.
Podhurst Orseck, P.A.
Miami, Florida

I have used the services of Focus Litigation Consulting, LLC on two occasions, and I am intending to use them in the future as necessitated by my cases. The principals of the company are well-versed and well-experienced in juror analysis. They develop great insight into the facts and applicable law with regard to the case before them and have great insight into jurors’ views as to the issues in the cases and how jurors view the case. Their preparation for the mock jury panels was first-rate – all contingencies were accounted for, and I felt that my clients received real value for their money. I highly recommend Focus Litigation Consulting.

Jay M. Levy
Jay M. Levy, P.A.
Miami, Florida

Thank you for the services provided. You were great from start to finish. Although we were very familiar with the facts of our very significant case, you helped us focus the issues for presentation to a jury. The mock trial was extremely helpful not only in anticipating how jurors would react to the presentation of certain evidence, but also in helping us prepare our defense presentation for trial.

Also, your report was very detailed, with specific suggestions on defense themes, which might resonate with the jurors. In fact, you know from attending my opening that I adopted most of the suggested themes, which we continued to emphasize throughout the trial. I believe the jurors in fact reacted very favorably to the themes and considered them during their deliberations.

As you know, the result was a complete defense verdict in a case in which the plaintiff attorney asked the jurors for $75 million.

William M. Martin
Peterson Bernard
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

The assistance your company provided us in the Risperdal litigation [State of Louisiana v. Janssen Pharm.] played a large role in our success. Your company assisted us with organizing a mock trial and development of trial themes and exhibits. This allowed us to properly bring together the exhibits and testimony, and present it to the jury and court in a successful manner.

Your company’s professionalism, knowledge of court procedures, as well as prompt and timely performance allowed the plaintiff litigation committee to not only prepare for the lengthy trial, but to also to perfect our presentation of the facts and obtain a $325 million jury verdict. I would highly recommend you to anyone requiring assistance in trial preparation.

James P. Ryan, Esq.
Morrow, Morriw, Ryan, and Bassett
Opelousas, Louisiana

I write to thank you for your assistance with the trial preparation in the [Wal-Mart] class actions and to recommend your service to all those that may consider retaining you. The analysis, mock jury study, theme development, and related services were right on target and contributed materially to the very significant [$187 million] verdict we obtained in the case against Walmart.

The input we received before, during, and after the mock jury study was very helpful in the actual voir dire and jury selection. In addition, your theme suggestions were consistent with our inclinations and proved useful along with the very visual analogies that we in fact adopted at trial. The Walmart smiley face pick-pocket slide was inspired by our work with you and appeared to resonate with the jury.

Please consider me as a very strong reference for all your potential engagements.

Michael D. Donovan
Donovan Searles, LLC
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

We have used FLC over the years to help us evaluate several of our most complicated multi-million dollar cases. The information from the research they conducted, and more importantly, the insight and analysis they give to the data is invaluable. The results of the research helped us accurately evaluate how a jury would see the case. If you want to make a good decision whether to settle or try a case, I highly recommend using FLC.

Brandon P. Hull
Overturf, McGath, Hull & Doherty
Denver, Colorado

Thanks so much to you and Marjorie for all the help on the defense of this case. I couldn’t have done this without you all. We focused on just about every one of your recommendations. We couldn’t talk to the jury, but one interviewed by the paper said that they thought this case was a “lawyer manufactured” case.

David P. Bub, Esq.
Brown & James, PC
St. Louis, Missouri

I have worked with Marjorie on several cases. She brings a lot to the table, including her impressive record of over 1000 mock trials. She will change the way you look at your own case. Her sophisticated research and analysis will reveal the most elusive element – the jurors’ actual perception of the facts of your case. Any significant case will be well-served by her insight.

Jay Howell
Jay Howell & Associates
Jacksonville, Florida

I want to thank you and congratulate you in connection with your assistance as mock jury trial consultants as it related to this case. As you know, the jury returned a verdict of $9.7 million against Wells Fargo Bank in connection with the failure to diversify the funds with which they were entrusted by my clients.

Your insights and assistance related to how this case should be presented to a jury and your comments from the mock jury panel from Casper, Wyoming, were of great assistance and benefit to our trial team in the U.S. District Court in Casper, Wyoming. We want to thank you and recommend you to any trial lawyers who have a complicated high dollar case involving complex issues of this nature… Best wishes and we hope to work with you again in the near future.

Robert A. Dill and John A. Hutchings
Dill Dill Carr Stonbraker & Hutchings
Denver, Colorado

The insight you provided concerning my case’s weak points helped me to eventually formulate a one hour long video settlement brochure that was utilized on the day of trial. Additionally, the mock jury results played an intimidating factor when we came to the point of discussing money. In part as a result of your work, I was able to achieve a settlement totaling $13 million with the present value of $7 million…Needless to say, I am quite happy and look forward to working with you both again in the future.

Raymond A. Gill, Jr.
Gill & Chamas
Woodbridge, New Jersey

FLC did a complete mock jury trial for us immediately prior to trial. From that exercise, we were able to focus our attention on both the strong and weak points of our case and make adjustments on the fly. You additionally served as our jury consultant during voir dire examination and jury selection. As you will recall, we then embarked on five weeks of highly contentious trial, settling the case on the very last day of the defense presentation and immediately before closing arguments.

I have just received notice that all $45 million of the settlement fund for the ICON class action in the 27th Judicial District Court, St. Landry Parish, Louisiana, have been disbursed to the clients and attorneys, and I take this opportunity to write to thank you and your firm for the tremendous assistance you were to our efforts.

Vance R. Andrus
Andrus, Boudreaux, Lemoine & Tonore
Lafayette, Louisiana

The information that we learned from the Case Fact and Issue Study and the Mock Trials you conducted were invaluable to the successful outcome of this case. Furthermore, the insights and recommendations contained in your report after the research helped us immensely in preparing for trials.

Through our experience, we learned that trial consulting is worth every penny spent for the service, as we believe it provided us with the winning edge in this case. We were able to focus on the critical issues from a juror’s perspective, develop a strong, workable theme, and learned how to simplify this very complicated case so that the jurors could more easily understand our theory of liability.

We would certainly recommend you wholeheartedly to our colleagues, and look forward to working with you again in the near future.

Daniel M. Reilly
Reilly Pozner, LLC
Denver, Colorado

I can and am delighted to report that your work in getting our key witnesses, our main expert, and our lawyers ready was exceptional.

First, you and your staff quickly recognized what was important and not. Therefore, you helped us, lawyers, key witnesses, and experts – concentrate on things that make a difference both as to the core facts and documents as well as the style that should be presented.

Second, your experience from hundreds of case presentations was apparent. Hence, your overall direction, specific advice, and research results were, I believe, sound.

Third, we felt we got our money’s worth!

I have in the past used other jury/focus group/mock trial consultants. You were the most effective and useful by a wide margin.

George J. Berger
Allen, Matkins, Leck, Gamble & Mallory
San Diego, California

Although I have been involved with jury consultants in the past, I can honestly say that you were easily the best that we have worked with. You were able to take a tough case on very short notice and provide us with invaluable insight. As a result of your fine work, we were able to make quality decisions that resulted in a very favorable settlement for Ms. Rivera and the family.

This was a very tough case on liability which had been rejected by several other attorneys. Because of a lot of hard work and insights provided by you, we were able to obtain a settlement from the City and County of San Francisco that will result in a guaranteed payment of over $2,500,000.00 and, most likely, will extend to $4,500,000.00.

We would not have been able to resolve this case without your help.  

Vincent Scotto, III
Law Offfices of Vincent J. Scotto, III
San Mateo, California

Looking back, this was undoubtedly the most complicated medical case we have encountered. Your assistance in helping us focus on the realities we would face at trial was invaluable. The focus group sessions provided practical insights regarding juror perspectives and concerns with the evidence. This of course helped us refocus and simplify, as much as possible, the complex medical issues.

We are certainly convinced that the services you offer are invaluable and a must for us in future significant civil cases.

Stephen J. Worrell
Worrell, Griffith, Durrett & Jaynes
Glenwood Springs, Colorado

Please let this note be an expression of thanks to you for an extraordinary job in the Iredell County Superior Court. I am convinced that, without your efforts in the focus groups and during jury selection, we would not have succeeded in obtaining a record $2,000,000+ verdict in this very difficult case.

Your attention to details and comments concerning exhibits and presentations were absolutely invaluable. The feedback that we received from the focus groups gave us confidence about the case and your analysis was extraordinarily accurate. I will recommend your services to every lawyer I know who has any serious case for trial.

H. Kent Crowe
Crowe & Davis
Conover, North Carolina

I have never used a trial consultant before, but I am now a convert to the process. I was impressed with how much valuable information I was able to glean from the jurors’ comments in the Case Facts and Issues Study Report. It enabled us to address those concerns raised by jurors in order to adequately prepare for trial.

Additionally, the follow-up Mock Trials were extremely useful in fine-tuning our trial strategy. Your recommendations as to how best to present our arguments were insightful and, had we gone to trial, would have provided us with the tools for a successful outcome of the case.

In the future, I intend to use you on all of my large cases and highly recommend you to my colleagues.

Frank D. Neville
Williams, Porter, Day and Neville
Casper, Wyoming

I am writing to express our sincere appreciation for the invaluable contribution you and your team made to our very successful result in the recent trial on the above-referenced case. Far beyond simply providing us with mock jurors or assisting in the preparation and presentation of our mock trials, your analysis and recommendations provided us with the complete package of assistance necessary to effectively present a case with numerous complex factual and legal issues.

Your recommendations played a material role in every step of the trial from the development of our case themes through the last comments made in my rebuttal closing argument. Not only did you help us emphasize the strengths of our case but you very accurately pointed out the weaknesses within and the confusing nature of the various exhibits we had planned to present.

Because of your help, we were able to present a crisp, persuasive and totally efficient case for devastating injuries in less than three and one-half days to an Arapahoe County Colorado jury which is certainly not a venue known for large plaintiff verdicts. As you know, with prejudgment interest our verdicts for Mr. and Mrs. Raleigh and their son Kevin totaled $10,000,000.00…Obviously, I look forward to working with you again.

Kenneth Fish
Fish & Coles
Denver, Colorado

We were most pleased with the services your firm offered in the case of Richardson, et al. v. First American, et al…. Your services assisted us greatly in achieving a defense verdict in that jury trial.  The skills you brought to the assignment were varied and unique. You worked with us to prepare a very difficult, but important party witness in our case.  We very much appreciated your insight into everything from her manner of testifying to her appearance and how everything she said and did would impact on the jury’s opinion of her.”  

You conducted a two-day mock trial for us which provided us valuable insight into what themes would and would not work with the jury. You provided on an extremely prompt basis a very thorough report, and as I reviewed that report shortly before trial and again in writing this recommendation, I realized how insightful your comments were and how closely they were borne out by the verdict and the juror interviews following the very lengthy 2-1/2 month trial in federal district court.

I would be pleased to recommend your firm and invite you to use my name as a referral.

Heidi A. Timken
Miller, Starr & Regalia
Walnut Creek, California

The two mock juries helped immensely in our evaluation of the case, as well as our trial preparation. A number of the comments by the jurors as well as your suggestions were incorporated into our trial preparation….As you know, we were delighted when the jury returned a verdict in the sum of $2.75 million, five and half times the final offer….Thanks again for your invaluable assistance and I am hopeful that we can work together again in the future.

Richard J. Berris
Weisman, Goldberg & Weisman
Cleveland, Ohio

Like everyone else, I have done informal mock sessions with friends and colleagues for years as my cases steam toward trial, but nothing so satisfying, focused or effective as what we did with you….I also found your intense and exhaustive report on case themes to be invaluable…/The report should be framed….I was genuinely impressed with your exceptional advocacy skills and sincere commitment to our clients and their cause….You provide an introspective and illuminating way for lawyers to prepare for these winner take all events….Thanks again for all of your help. I look forward to working with you again soon.

John R. Holland
The Law Offices of John Robert Holland
Denver, Colorado

Your approach produced more good, focused ideas to respond to the plaintiffs’ case and promote our own than any single process I have been a part of. It brought a methodical approach to the development of themes, key words, demonstrative aids and phases of the trial which are typically left to trial counsel to develop over the life of the case. The two of you were terrific with your ideas and input during the sessions and afterward in your report.

We engaged your services closer to trial than what I understand is typically done. This leads to two special comments. First, the wonderful service which you provided was much appreciated by me and my clients. Second, I am eagerly awaiting the next case where I can put your firm to work earlier. I have no doubt that your earlier involvement will improve my preparation and the client’s likelihood of success. Thank you both for your great work!

Daniel M. Fowler
Fowler, Schimberg & Flanagan
Denver, Colorado

The assistance your company provided us in the Crawfish Class Action played a large role in our success. Your company assisted us with the selection of the jury, as well as in organizing a mock trial. This allowed us to properly bring together the exhibits and testimony, and present it to the jury and Court in a successful manner.

Your company’s professionalism, knowledge of court procedures, as well as prompt and timely performance allowed the Plaintiff Litigation Committee to not only adequately prepare for the lengthy trial of this matter, but to perfect our presentation of the facts and obtain a monumental settlement on behalf of all claimants. Should the opportunity ever arise, I would highly recommend you to anyone requiring assistance in trial preparation.

Patrick C. Morrow
Morrow, Morrow, Ryan and Bassett
Opelousas, Louisiana

I am happy to report that the jury returned a verdict of $2,295,356.00 for Melanie. I appreciate your help in this case, and I appreciate that, although there was not a whole lot of time that we were able to spend together, you were able to narrow down the issues for me. I found your comments and points very helpful.

Hopefully on my next case there will be more time and I will be able to utilize your services in a more efficient and complete manner. Again, thank you very much for your help on this case and I look forward to working with you again in the future.

Randy G. Allen
Houston, Texas

After your recent assistance in my upcoming trial, it occurred to me that I had never written you to express how much we appreciate your professionalism and expert guidance in our cases. As you know, I practice in the area of construction defect litigation and have had the opportunity to take to trial a number of substantial cases. Some of these cases involved complex issues regarding jury selection. One example that comes to mind is a case involving a gated community. We had concerns that the prospective jurors would not award a fair verdict in light of the socio-economic difference between them and the plaintiffs. Your firm provided us with the forum within which to conduct mock jury trials testing the issues and themes against reality.

The insights we gained during the process and from your extremely detailed follow up report were invaluable. In all of our interactions, we have found you to be professional, knowledgeable and, most especially, a pleasure to work with. I would, without hesitation, recommend your firm to anyone seeking advice in the area of jury selection and case analysis.

Scott F. Sullan
Sullan, Sandgrund, Smith & Perczak
Denver, Colorado

The mock jury process you facilitated allowed us to prepare a concise and organized jury presentation in a complex natural gas royalty accounting case. Several of your suggestions and those of the mock jurors were utilized in our trial presentation. In addition, the mock jury experience allowed us to have a clearer picture of the type of juror we were seeking to sit in this matter.

As you are aware, the actual jury ruled in our favor on every issue and returned a verdict of over $4 million dollars. In addition, both the judge and several jurors commented after the trial that they appreciated how the case was made understandable by our presentation.  I look forward to working with your firm in the future. [Note: $4m award was trebled for punitive damages, for a total of $12.3m.]

Nathan A. Keever
Dufford, Waldeck, Milburn & Krohn
Grand Junction, Colorado

Not only was the information, analysis, and judgment which you brought to the case crucial to our preparation, but your fee for your services was a real bargain. On very short notice, you put together a focus group analysis which was extremely beneficial to the preparation of the case for trial. We definitely had a head start over the plaintiff from the information we received from you on how a jury would perceive the facts and circumstances of our case.

Your participation during the jury selection phase was also crucial and your judgments as to individuals to select as jurors proved right on target.

Additionally, your responsiveness and willingness to assist us with opening statement presentation and resolving a crucial issue during trial provided us with the knowledge we needed to present our best case. Best of all, it was a pleasure for me and our entire trial team to work with you.

On behalf of our clients, we cannot thank you enough for the job that you did on our behalf. Your participation was an important reason why the jury reached a defense verdict in a very significant case.

Marvin E. Garrett
Allen, Matkins, Leck, Gamble & Mallory
Los Angeles, California

I wanted to advise you that the jury in the above-captioned matter returned a verdict in favor of our clients in the amount of $2,750,000.00 which was significantly greater than the defendant’s final offer. The assistance you provided to us in our mock jury experience clearly helped us in formulating our trial tactics and allowed us to proceed with the confidence knowing the strengths and weaknesses of our case.

Without the ability to have submitted the case to three mock juries, we would not have been able to deal with the very difficult issues with which we were confronted. Listening to the jurors as they deliberated during the two mock trials provided to us great insight into our case resulting in great success.

Additionally, the first of the cases you handled in my office over the last couple of months was settled for a significant seven figure number, and without the ability to have submitted the case to three mock juries, we would not have been able to deal with the very difficult issues with which we were confronted.

Again, thank you for your invaluable assistance in both of these matters, and I am looking forward to working with you again.

Alan S. Levine
Levine & Levine
Cleveland, Ohio

I cannot thank you enough for your helpful voir dire questions and some brilliant themes, which you and your team came up with to assist us in this matter. Not only was your work excellent, but the turnaround time was fantastic.

Steven M. Fahlgren
Fisher, Rushmer, Werrenrath, Wack & Dickson, P.A.
Orlando, Florida

Our thanks for your invaluable help in analyzing and preparing this case. Settlement would not have been possible without your invaluable input. The focus groups and your comprehensive written report allowed us to reframe our themes and arguments. We used the results of the focus groups in settlement discussions. I believe our ability to cite specific focus group findings was very persuasive to opposing counsel….Again, thanks for everything. We look forward to working with you again very soon.

Murray Ogborn
Ogborn, Summerlin & Ogborn
Denver, Colorado

I honestly believe that I won the Castle Rock pipe bomb case because of your efforts in honing my opening statement….What I found most valuable was your ability to take complicated issues, in my case presentation of complex chemical issues and multiple defendants, and reduce them into simple themes.

Kenneth Eichner
The Eichner Law Firm
Denver, Colorado

This letter is to allow you to share my jubilation at winning a most difficult third degree sexual assault trial in Douglas County recently….I used the words of wisdom you had given to me concerning jury selection and confidently picked the best jurors for this case. Second, knowing from our mock trials that jurors do not necessarily view the jury instructions in the way that an attorney assumes they would, I was able to press home the point of beyond a reasonable doubt….I thank my lucky stars that I had met you and taken your course.

Juliet Miner
Combs & Miner
Castle Rock, Colorado

I just wanted to thank the both of you for the prompt, excellent, quality service you provided my client and I in connection with the above-referenced case. You took a lot of paperwork and materials, digested them in a short amount of time, and provided us some valuable ideas for theme and jury selection. Oh, did you want to know the verdict? We won. Actually, to say that “we won” may be an understatement. With the set-offs the court will allow us, the Plaintiff’s recovery is in negative numbers….I can honestly say the Barney voir dire was the best that I ever did. I must also say by the end of the first day, when the Plaintiffs were attacking our defense theories of “overreaching” and the “aging process”, I had a feeling things were going our way.

Joseph L. Amos, Jr.
Fisher, Rushmer, Werrenrath, Wack & Dickson
Orlando, Florida

We decided on doing a Focus Group so as to generate additional evidence to support not only a claim against the limits of coverage from the wrongdoer but also the limits of under-insured coverage on a policy by our Decedent. Please know that we were successful in getting both of the limits and believe the information from the Focus Group was instrumental in doing so…As I have told you before, I thought the process was particularly helpful is assisting my analysis of the case and how it should be prepared. I have discussed the process in detail with the other members of our firm, and you can expect that we will use you again.

Howard P. Olsen
Simmons Olsen Law Firm
Scottsbluff, Nebraska

As you know, I was prepared to reject Southland’s offer of $400,000 and take this matter to trial. I thought I had a sure winner. Your focus group brought me back to reality, and made me realize I had very serious problems with liability and Southland’s assumption of risk defense. In the end, we accepted Southland’s $400,000 offer, and I think we were very wise to do so. Had I not had you conduct a focus group in this case, I probably would have gone blindly into trial and been beaten soundly…Thanks again for your assistance in this matter. I hope to use you in the future.

Fred Paoli, Jr.
Bogue & Paoli
Livingston, Montana

The questions you provided for voir dire were the best questions I have ever had for a jury. It allowed me to establish a theme of the case from my initial contact with the jury. The voir dire questions also allowed me to examine more in depth the psyche of the individual jurors that I might better choose which people I wanted off of my jury. Your questions provided me the basis for the best voir dire I have ever done in 23 years of legal experience…I enjoyed working with you and I will recommend your services. I will no doubt use you again in the future.

Arthur S. Bowman
Bowman & Bowman
Denver, Colorado

I wanted to take a moment to thank you both for your invaluable assistance in the above-referenced case, including the focus groups/mock trials, critiques of our opening statement and closing argument, witness preparation and jury selection. In particular, because of the complexity and novelty of the issues, your creativity and enthusiasm has made me a believer generally in trial consultants and specifically, your services. Perhaps your greatest feat was turning that one all important witness “from a wimp into a tiger.” Accordingly, I would provide the highest recommendation to other counsel considering use of your services.

Robert Horowitz
Pearson, Milligan & Horowitz
Denver, Colorado

I believe your services played a critical role in our obtaining a $1.8 million verdict for my clients. Your mock jury work and report were amazingly thorough. You helped us to identify issues we had either not addressed or to which we had not assigned enough importance. Your coaching helped me focus my opening statement on key issues; assisted in my developing common sense themes, which I believed lead to our success; and helped us to determine which of our potential exhibits were the most effective. Perhaps most importantly, your work with my client helped turn a potential liability into an asset. Thank you for working all hours for us and making a significant difference in a difficult and complex case.

Kevin S. Hannon
The Law Firm of Kevin S. Hannon
Denver, Colorado

Having worked with other consulting firms before, I was pleasantly surprised to see your approach as somewhat different.

I found both of you totally up on the facts of the case, and the mock trials/focus groups were most beneficial in the preparation of our case. I think that doing it so far in advance of trial also gave me significant insights to what evidence/testimony/witnesses are important and how to present my defense.

It also gave our client very useful insights as to the judicial process, the kinds of questions that would be in the jurors mind and questions from the prosecutor. Marjorie’s experience as a prosecutor was especially helpful in explaining the legal principals to the mock juries and in helping us to see a different perspective from our case.

I fully intend to utilize your services on every case where my client has significant liberty interests at stake.

Stephen L. Laiche
Griff, Larson, Laiche & Volkmann
Grand Junction, Colorado

I want to thank you for the jury consulting and mock trial assistance you provided my firm and me on behalf of a client of mine recently. Your assistance provided us with valuable insights and enabled us to achieve a very successful jury verdict. I am pleased to recommend your services to others.

Phillip S. Figa
Burns, Figa & Will
Englewood, Colorado

As you know, we settled Troy Schutte’s case on the eve of trial. The Ciancio firm and our firm thank you for your assistance, advice, and the quality of your work product. We look forward to working with you in the future.

Dan S. Hoffman
Hoffman, Reilly, Pozner & Williamson
Denver, Colorado

I was surprised by how much there was to be learned in preparing for and actually presenting my adversary’s case to a mock jury. In so doing, I saw strengths as well as weaknesses in my case which before had not been fully appreciated. It would have been fully worth it if the exercise went no further than the preparation required to present my adversary’s case before a mock jury panel. As expected, observing the mock jurors’ reaction to the actual presentation of the case, using several different themes and styles, was highly beneficial. Much of the mock panel’s reaction was no surprise; however, there was the unexpected. To be sure, if an unexpected verdict is to be returned by a jury, it is true bliss that the jury is mock! After completion of the exercise and receiving your feedback, I settled the case. The clients are happy to have paid your fee and I am happy to have spent the time…Thank you so much. I am looking forward to working with you again.

John F. Head
John F. Head, P.C.
Denver, Colorado

This is the first time that my law firm used your organization in order to present a focus group to three separate panels here in Monmouth County. That presentation was invaluable in the final preparation stages of our case.

Not only did we learn to correct the mistakes presented during the focus groups presentation, but your report of some 150 pages was absolutely crucial in the final preparation of our opening and closing statements together with preparation of approximately 20 witnesses that were about to be called.

I truly believe that your help and assistance, including your presence in the courtroom on the eve of jury selection, forced the defendant into a posture that he had no alternative but to meet our demand and settle the case…If I can be of any further help and assistance to you, at any time in the future, please do not hesitate to contact me, since I truly feel that you are part of our litigation team.

James Addonizio
Rudnick, Addonizio, Pappa & Comer
Hazlet, New Jersey

William Mabry was found NOT GUILTY on both counts today by the jury after a 5 day battle of a trial. I am sending you a real thank you letter; make sure you add it to your brochure. Your help was invaluable!

Wadi Muhaisen
Muhaisen & Muhaisen
Aurora, Colorado

Although I never got to use the voir dire skills you taught, I was confident based on the mock trials that we could identify the least advantageous jurors. The mock trials also gave us an invaluable opportunity to test our themes. We learned information that gave us the confidence (and caution) to achieve reasonable settlements. Thank you for your hard work, and for giving us the considerable benefit of your jury wisdom.

James S. Helfrich
Gersh & Helfrich
Denver, Colorado

I very much appreciate your contribution to the success of the “Snakelight” case. Your work was most helpful in identifying ways to effectively communicate with the jury.

James A. Jablonski
Gorsuch Kirgis
Denver, Colorado

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