Jury Research: Giving You The Edge at Every Stage

What Mock Trials and Focus Groups Can Do For Your Case at Each Stage of Litigation

A common misconception is that jury research is only useful or required when the decision has been made to go to trial. However, jury research is so much more than strictly a trial preparation tool. The strategic use of jury research in earlier stages of your case can reduce overall litigation costs, improve and streamline discovery, increase negotiating leverage, and lead to more satisfactory settlement.


  • What real jurors care about;
  • What information jurors will need to decide the case.


  • The weight jurors give the experts’ testimony;
  • Whether the expert is credible;
  • Experts’ need for demonstrative aids to boost juror comprehension and retention.


  • The true probability that jurors will find liability;
  • The probable range of damages;
  • Whether a jury will award punitive damages;
  • The real risks of going to trial.

Test & Prepare

  • How jurors rate your witness;
  • Witness credibility with jurors;
  • The weight jurors give witness testimony;
  • Witness strengths and weakness;
  • The scope of witness preparation needed.


  • How to most effectively persuade jurors;
  • How to shore up case weaknesses;
  • How to create compelling verbal narratives;
  • How to most effectively utilize visual aids and demonstratives.


  • Research-tested voir dire questions;
  • Research-tested juror profiles;
  • Research-tested supplemental juror questionnaires;
  • Live shadow jury feedback;
  • In-court monitoring;
  • Post-trial interviews.