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Speaking on Jury Selection at U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission National Trial Attorneys Conference

WASHINGTON, DC – September 10, 2015 –  Focus Litigation Consulting, LLC (FLC) founding members spoke to a nationwide audience of U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission litigators today at the agency’s National Trial Attorneys Conference at the SEC Headquarters in Washington, D.C.

FLC provided the federal agency with a 1 hour CLE presentation designed to teach attorney participants critical voir dire techniques on effectively, efficiently, and accurately seating a case-successful jury panel (deselecting “bad” jurors) in order to achieve the best possible outcome in trial. The CLE discussed common pitfalls made by attorneys during voir dire, and taught participants how to incorporate science rather than instincts, chance, and unreliable stereotypes into their next jury trial.

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FLC’s consultants have provided legal education training on the subject of trial consulting, witness preparation, persuasion and advocacy, and jury selection in Colorado, California, Florida, Arizona, Washington, D.C., West Virginia and Wyoming, speaking to organizations including, but not limited to, ATLA, AAJ, CTLA, CDLA, ABA, DCBA, and the California Brain Injury Association. FLC’s consultants have also provided CLE courses and legal training to countless regional, national, and international law firms throughout the country.

For more information on FLC’s legal education seminars, please contact [email protected] or (305) 377-0786.

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