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Not only was the information, analysis, and judgment which you brought to the case crucial to our preparation, but your fee for your services was a real bargain. On very short notice, you put together a focus group analysis which was extremely beneficial to the preparation of the case for trial. We definitely had a head start over the plaintiff from the information we received from you on how a jury would perceive the facts and circumstances of our case.

Your participation during the jury selection phase was also crucial and your judgments as to individuals to select as jurors proved right on target.

Additionally, your responsiveness and willingness to assist us with opening statement presentation and resolving a crucial issue during trial provided us with the knowledge we needed to present our best case. Best of all, it was a pleasure for me and our entire trial team to work with you.

On behalf of our clients, we cannot thank you enough for the job that you did on our behalf. Your participation was an important reason why the jury reached a defense verdict in a very significant case.

Focus Litigation Consulting