We Understand That Cost is a Factor!

Because Focus Litigation Consulting understands that cost is often a factor in determining whether to hire a trial consultant or conduct any trial research, we give our clients the option of observational research to keep the expense to a minimum. Instead of a written report following your focus group or mock trial, we will provide oral debriefing on-site, after the research is concluded. You will also be provided with copies of any forms the mock jurors filled out during the course of the jury research.

We also offer a more detailed preparatory research service, which includes a comprehensive written report with full case analysis, problem identifications and solutions, psychological strategies and tactics, recommendations for demonstrative aids, and suggested voir dire questions.

Through our experience, we learned that trial consulting is worth every penny spent for the service, as we believe it provided us with the winning edge in this case. Daniel M. Reilly, Denver, CO