Kent Shoemaker

Many thanks for your work on the Bishop case. Winning this case sent a strong message that when we are right, we will fight! The increasing trend of businesses and insurance companies to settle cases, will only increase the number of people who think they can get money when they know they do not deserve it.  The work your team did to assist our attorneys at Littler and our management team was instrumental.

In particular, the 36-juror mock trial clearly showed us where our case had opportunities for improvement. The mock also showed the work I needed to do to be able to become more “relatable” to a jury.  Your comprehensive written jury research report became instrumental to our trial planning.  The supplemental written juror questionnaire used in voir dire gave us a clear understanding of how to elicit key case-related juror biases. And, the witness preparation work you did with me and other members of our team had us ready for trial. From posture to relatable clothing to tone of response…it was all valuable.

Having your team with us for jury selection ensured that we had a jury that was favorable. The fact that, after a two-week trial, they deliberated for less than an hour says it all!

Thanks again for helping us win. It was not easy for me to decide to spend the money, but I would do it again.