Scott F. Sullan

After your recent assistance in my upcoming trial, it occurred to me that I had never written you to express how much we appreciate your professionalism and expert guidance in our cases. As you know, I practice in the area of construction defect litigation and have had the opportunity to take to trial a number of substantial cases. Some of these cases involved complex issues regarding jury selection. One example that comes to mind is a case involving a gated community. We had concerns that the prospective jurors would not award a fair verdict in light of the socio-economic difference between them and the plaintiffs. Your firm provided us with the forum within which to conduct mock jury trials testing the issues and themes against reality.

The insights we gained during the process and from your extremely detailed follow up report were invaluable. In all of our interactions, we have found you to be professional, knowledgeable and, most especially, a pleasure to work with. I would, without hesitation, recommend your firm to anyone seeking advice in the area of jury selection and case analysis.