Not Your Average Trial Consultants

Our consultants are experienced trial attorneys who understand not only the psychological implications of your case, but also its practical and legal nuances.

About Focus Litigation Consulting, LLC

Focus Litigation Consulting, LLC (FLC) is an elite national jury research and trial consulting firm with decades of experience assisting attorneys, in-house counsel, insurers, governmental entities, and companies with mock jury research services, voir dire and witness preparation, and in-court jury selection in civil and criminal cases throughout the country.  We use strategy & science to minimize legal guesswork and maximize litigation results.

We aren’t your average jury consultants

Each of our senior trial consultants is trained in the effective use of social science research in the courtroom.  In addition, our consultants are seasoned attorneys with extensive trial and litigation experience.  Unlike many trial consulting firms, you will never hear us rattle off psycho-babble or arm you with strategies that don’t comport with the rules of evidence or procedure.  We understand not only the psychological implications of your case, but also its practical and legal nuances.

Contrary to others in the field, our consultants not only have specialized training in legal psychology, communications, and advocacy, but they are also certified image consultants, color analysts, and body language experts.  We focus not only on the “big picture” but also minute details often overlooked during pretrial preparation.

Our experience and expertise is unparalleled

FLC has an intricate and specialized understanding as well as an unparalleled capability to meet the jury research and trial consulting needs of each case.  We have decades of experience assisting attorneys and organizations in preparing for trial, mediation, and arbitration.  Our experience as a strategic partner on thousands of cases across the country has allowed us to continuously improve our methodologies and understanding of fact finder decision-making and persuasion.

FLC’s track record of success is second to none.  For example, FLC assisted a plaintiff class in obtaining a $187,000,000 judgment in a Pennsylvania Fair Labor Standards Act case against Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. ─ one of the many plaintiffs’ verdicts and settlements against the retail giant achieved with FLC’s assistance.  More recently, FLC worked with the Louisiana Attorney General’s trial team in a fraud case against Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc. and FLC assisted the state government in obtaining a jury verdict of $325,000,000.

Likewise, our defense clients have experienced similarly favorable outcomes, both in settlement and trial.  FLC recently conducted jury research for the defense on a case in Broward County, Florida where the plaintiff was seeking $75,000,000, and in which FLC’s client received a total defense verdict.

We are a “one stop shop” for your trial team

FLC is a full-service litigation consulting firm, providing a range of research, trial, mediation, and ADR consulting services, including mock trials and focus groups, case strategy and theme development, venue and community attitude surveys, witness and attorney preparation, jury selection and voir dire preparation, trial and social media monitoring, in-court monitoring, shadow juries, trial wardrobe, and post-trial juror interviews.

We also work with excellent trial graphics and support affiliates across the country to ensure that all of your trial technology needs are met and that the design and creation of each of your demonstrative aids is overseen by one of our consultants.

We can accommodate even the tightest of time frames and budgets

FLC understand the practical limitations with which you are faced. We pride ourselves in developing comprehensive pretrial and trial packages that fit within your budgetary and scheduling limitations.

We welcome the opportunity to bring clarity to your case!

Although I have been involved with jury consultants in the past, I can honestly say that you were easily the best that we have worked with. You were able to take a tough case on very short notice and provide us with invaluable insight. Vincent Scotto, III, San Mateo, CA

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