Why Effective VOIR Dire Strategies are Vital in Highly Publicized Cases

Most times a lot of highly publicized cases are lost just because attorneys fail to implement the right voir dire strategies. Rather than rely on hunches and assumptions, attorneys need an effective strategy in such cases. Voir dire, which is a Latin word, means “speaking the truth.” It is a jury selection process in which attorneys are permitted to question the prospective jurors, to confirm their qualifications, determine any basis for the challenge and to know who would or would not be a just and fair juror. By questioning prospective jurors, voir dire consultants will be able to set up theories based on the responses of the jurors.

As crucial as voir dire can be, it can fail woefully when done badly. Why? In a civil lawsuit, voir dire is the first stage of a jury trial; thus, taking the wrong steps during this procedure may yield surprising results.

Why Voir Dire

It is quite unusual for an attorney to use random attributes (such as attitude, age, sex,
and appearance) to select a juror that is best for highly publicized cases without research.
This is simply because these attributes can blind a voir dire consultant to sensing the juror’s
potential flaws. Theories about ideal jurors aren’t meant to be based on assumptions as voir
dire may prove your assumptions about a juror wrong. The best approach is to ask questions
without referring to past experience or physical attributes. With this approach, attorneys can
truly learn, with clear goals, the juror’s flaws in field sobriety testing.

Understanding Different Approaches

Effective voir dire is all about understanding different approaches. An experienced voir dire consultant
is aware that all courts do not conduct voir dire in the same manner. For this reason, there is little or
no ready-made voir dire strategy that works in all cases. However, a professional voir dire consultant
employs different basic strategies to get the desired result.

Questioning the Jurors – Dealing with Open-minded Jurors

Effective voir dire is meant to fish out prospective jurors that you suspect won’t be open-minded and
honest about the case. By asking open-ended questions, voir dire consultants in Broward force the
candidate to provide honest answers. It is in the consultants’ interest to encourage potential jurors to
be open.

Carefully Selecting the Jurors

After series of intense questioning, voir dire consultants can then use responses obtained to identify
and sort out the unqualified jurors based on their inability to perform in the case. Peremptory
measures are also taken with the aim of eliminating the unqualified jurors off the jury.

Jury Selection

In order to maximize your chances of success, voir dire consultants devote time to jury selection.
Since voir dire consultants are rarely able to predict the outcome of the case, the best way they
manage jury selection is to stay focused during voir dire. An effective strategy employed is to
announce only the unqualified jurors as there will be no opportunity to waste on the qualified


Voir dire can neither be overlooked nor neglected. Hence, voir dire consultants in Broward are
trained to make efforts to develop questions and strategies that will make identifying ideal jurors