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Post-Trial Juror Interviews

After a verdict, jurors often tell you what they think you want to hear, or filter their comments through social considerations. Where allowed by law, post verdict interviews conducted by one of our consultants allow jurors to relate their true feelings. You can discover why and how the jury reached its verdict and how jurors evaluated specific evidence, witnesses, arguments and theories. You can also develop insight and strategy for future trials and similar cases. In some cases, post-verdict juror interviews allow you to compile information that may be relevant in an appeal.

An experienced interviewer will use a systematic protocol of open-ended questions designed to elicit information about the process and content of the jury deliberations as experienced by each juror. Both general and case-specific items will be covered. Jurors are interviewed individually either by telephone or in-person. The post-trial juror interview should be done as soon as possible after the completion of the trial, while the case facts and deliberation process is still fresh in jurors’ minds. Some courts prohibit or restrict post-trial juror interviews. Care must be taken to ensure all local and state rules are followed, and juror’s rights are respected at all times.

Counsel will be provided with a report summarizing the findings, and the nature of the contact of each juror (interviewed, refused, unable to contact, etc.). Verbatim transcripts of each juror’s post trial interview responses to the debriefing questions may be provided at additional cost, if requested.

You provided on an extremely prompt basis a very thorough report, and as I reviewed that report shortly before trial and again in writing this recommendation, I realized how insightful your comments were and how closely they were borne out by the verdict and the juror interviews following the very lengthy 2-1/2 month trial in federal district court. Heidi A. Timken, Walnut Creek, CA

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