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Voir Dire Preparation

If you are thinking of handling voir dire without professional assistance, you might want to consider this: a large body of research shows that attorneys, as a group, have no better success than laypersons when it comes to selecting the most favorable jurors to hear their cases. Jury studies have consistently shown that attorneys’ success rates for jury selection are no better than 50% — i.e., chance. The research is clear: litigators relying on “instinct”, “intuition” or demographics to guide and inform their jury selection decisions would do just as well with a coin toss. The reason is simple: when compared to demographics, it is value beliefs (and, next, life experiences) that correlate most directly with jury verdicts. Therefore, it is absolutely imperative to determine which jurors hold value beliefs that will prevent them from accepting your case.

We can devise the most effect voir dire questions in order to assist you in the process of de-selecting your jury. Our voir dire questions are designed to probe, disclose and highlight the jurors’ biases, prejudices and value beliefs regarding the problem areas of your case.

Of course, utilizing our pre-trial mock trial and focus group research services beforehand ensures the most accurate and insightful voir dire recommendations, as we have a better understanding of how a cross section of the community will view the case and know with certainty the “juror problems” that have been identified.

The questions you provided for voir dire were the best questions I have ever had for a jury. Arthur Bowman, Denver, CO

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