Not Your Average Trial Consultants

Our consultants are experienced trial attorneys who understand not only the psychological implications of your case, but also its practical and legal nuances.


Focus Litigation Consulting’s (FLC) consultants are trained in the effective use of social science research in the courtroom and have years of experience in the jury consulting industry.

Our consultants include PhDs, attorneys with extensive trial experience in complex civil and commercial matters, and a retired Chief Judge of the Eleventh Judicial Circuit in and for Miami-Dade County, Florida. Thus, FLC will never arm you with strategies that do not comport with the rules of evidence or procedure, and FLC will view the mock jury project and trial consulting services through both a social science and legal lens.

Contrary to others in the field, FLC’s consultants not only have specialized training in legal psychology and advocacy, but are also certified image consultants, color analysts, and communications/body language experts who quickly spot critical performance deficits and foresee potential performance pitfalls missed by even the most astute attorney.

Our Trial Consultants

Geri Fischman, Esq., Ph.D.

Satin Headshot

Senior Trial Consultant

Marjorie J. Sommer, Esq.

Bio Sommer

Senior Trial Consultant

Michelle M. Pena, Ph.D.

Michelle Pena Headshot

Trial Consultant/Research Analyst

Alexander Jay, Ph.D.

A Jay Headshot

Trial Consultant/Research Analyst

Deborah Goldfarb, Esq., Ph.D.

Deborah Goldfarb Headshot

Affiliate Trial Consultant

Joseph P. Farina, Esq.

Joseph Farina Headshot

Affiliate Trial Consultant

I have in the past used other jury/focus group/mock trial consultants. You were the most effective and useful by a wide margin.George Berger, San Diego, CA

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