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Community Attitude Survey

Community attitude surveys provide important and useful information about the attitudes of potential jurors on both general and specific aspects of the case, including the parties involved in the litigation. Through the use of community attitude surveys, we can learn how bias may affect jurors’ reactions and case results. Using quantitative research from jury-eligible individuals in your trial venue, we will provide you with a reliable, empirically based community attitude survey, as well as an analysis of the results. If the intended use is for a change in venue or pre-trial publicity motion, we can also draft an affidavit in support thereof.

A community attitude survey is useful at all stages of litigation. It can help you select a suitable venue, develop case themes and strategies, analyze the effects of media and pre-trial publicity, measure community bias, identify high-risk jurors, and craft voir dire questions and effective supplemental juror questionnaires.

Not only was the information, analysis and judgment which you brought to the case crucial to our preparation, but your fee for your services was a real bargain. Marvin E. Garrett, Los Angeles, California

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