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Law firms turn to us when the stakes are high to simplify complexities and implement key tactical moves for cost-effective settlement and trial.

Focus Groups

Focus Groups take place in an informal setting, and do not involve attorney participation (although attorneys are certainly encouraged to attend the research); instead, one of our senior consultants will create a focus group script and present your case facts and issues to panels of surrogate jurors that are recruited from your trial venue. Focus groups are structured in a neutral discussion group format, starting with the broader issues of your case, and narrowing the discussion down to more case-specific facts.

Following the focus group, we will make recommendations regarding theme development, demonstrative aids, witnesses, discovery, case presentation, settlement, and other issue-specific aspects of your case that can aid your trial strategy and preparation.

Focus groups are typically best used in the early stages of litigation (i.e., before discovery and expert witness designation deadlines) when you are developing your theme and are unsure of the various way facts, issues, exhibits, and witnesses may be perceived. Additionally, when deadlines are approaching and attorney time is at a premium (i.e. you have waited to the last minute to do your jury research before your trial date and the lawyers don’t have the time to prepare for and do a mock trial), focus group research can provide a “jury read” of your case without the lawyer’s presence or participation.

Looking back, this was undoubtedly the most complicated medical case we have encountered. Your assistance in helping us focus on the realities we would face at trial was invaluable. The focus group sessions provided practical insights regarding juror perspectives and concerns with the evidence. This of course helped us refocus and simplify, as much as possible, the complex medical issues. Stephen J. Worrell, Glenwood Springs, Colorado

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