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Image Consulting and Trial Wardrobe

Jurors (like all human beings) respond very strongly to visual stimuli – they make snap decisions in less than a few seconds and then spend the next few minutes trying to confirm their initial impression. It’s very hard to resist the vivid impression jurors have of a litigant from seeing them in a courtroom or a videotaped deposition. And because you, your clients, and your witnesses are judged before you open your mouth, it is crucial to look and dress accordingly.

Your appearance and the clothes you wear say more than you think. Color and fit are very powerful communicators that have emotional, psychological, and physiological effects on both the wearer and the observer. Color and the fit of your clothes can be used as a silent language to evoke visceral reaction antecedent to words. Grooming (i.e., hair, nails, facial hair, overall cleanliness, etc.) is also a powerful visual communicator. Thus, in a courtroom, where emotions are running high, the strategic psychosocial use of appearance and attire should be another tool in your visual presentation arsenal.

Our trial image consulting services provide litigants with powerful overt and subliminal tools to project an image that connects positively with a judge and/or jury and aligns with the facts of your case. An FLC certified image consultant and color analyst will meet with your trial team, clients, and/or witnesses to assess appearance and attire. We will then make recommendations and determine proper proportions, color complements, and clothing as well as grooming needs for you, your clients, and witnesses. We can also select a customized and carefully edited collection of trial ensembles from your closet or the store(s) of your choice, and bring the attire and accoutrements to your office or hotel. We can also arrange for on-site tailoring and garment care.

You worked with us to prepare a very difficult, but important party witness in our case….We very much appreciated your insight into everything from her manner of testifying to her appearance and how everything she said and did would impact on the jury’s opinion of her. Heidi A. Timken, Walnut Creek, CA

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