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Law firms turn to us when the stakes are high to simplify complexities and implement key tactical moves for cost-effective settlement and trial.

Opening and Closing Statement Strategy

The opening statement is the one of the first opportunities to “tell your story” (especially with the recent push toward truncated voir dire). It paints a picture for the decision maker; frames the issues, key witnesses, and themes of the case; and leaves an imprint in the fact finder’s mind. Equally important are closing arguments, which are more than simply a summation of your case. These conclusory remarks can close critical gaps, answer key questions, and sway undecided decision makers.

We can assist you in developing opening and/or closing presentation narratives that effectively communicate the most attractive, optimistic and empowering message possible to your jury. Using theme development, narrative tools, demonstrative aids, body language techniques, and linguistic cues, we will help you develop opening and closing arguments that are simple, convincing, memorable and used in deliberations. We will ensure that your arguments address critical questions the fact finder will likely need answered at the close of trial. We can also assist you in practice runs through your opening and/or closing statements, helping you fine-tune arguments, themes, demonstrative aids, and presentation techniques.

I honestly believe that I won the Castle Rock pipe bomb case because of your efforts in honing my opening statement….What I found most valuable was your ability to take complicated issues, in my case presentation of complex chemical issues and multiple defendants, and reduce them into simple themes. Kenneth Eichner, Denver, CO

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