Strategic Litigation Solutions

Law firms turn to us when the stakes are high to simplify complexities and implement key tactical moves for cost-effective settlement and trial.

Persuasion and Advocacy

Jurors respond emotionally before they respond intellectually. Through their appearance, demeanor, verbal and nonverbal cues, attire, and overall command of the room, lawyers can conjure images and feelings that resonate with the fact finder all the way to the deliberation room. In the courtroom, it’s all about telling the story. The most successful lawyers tell it not only through their words, but also through their courtroom presence.

We will assist you in developing presentation narratives that effectively communicate the most attractive, optimistic and empowering message possible to your jury. We will ensure that your arguments address critical questions the fact finder will likely need answered at the close of trial. We can also assist you in practice runs through your opening and/or closing statements, helping you fine-tune arguments, themes, demonstrative aids, and presentation techniques.

We also offer media training and consulting, so that you can learn how to use the media to your advantage. These services range from writing and issuing press releases to training on what to say, how and when to say it, and when it’s best to say, “No comment!”

I can and am delighted to report that your work in getting our key witnesses and our main expert ready was exceptional. George Berger, San Diego, CA

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