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Supplemental Juror Questionnaires

When Supplemental Juror Questionnaires (SJQ) are properly constructed, jurors’ answers can provide a rich source of information about their life experiences, value beliefs and biases. Furthermore, research has shown that jurors tend to be more forthcoming and honest in their answers to written questionnaires, as opposed to making public statements in open court that subject them to peer and court scrutiny. Another compelling reason for using an SJQ is that the act of committing one’s beliefs and opinions to writing creates a powerful incentive to resist attempts to modify one’s position. SJQs can, therefore, provide the litigator with a rich and reliable source of intelligence regarding the psychological disposition of potential jurors. Jurors’ responses can be more easily parsed for accurate analysis and interpretation, and the process of committing their answers to writing helps protect jurors’ against peer pressure during later deliberations. Finally, SQJs are most useful when the case involves sensitive or high profile issues, as they permit prospective jurors to reveal personal experiences and attitudes privately.

FLC will prepare SJQs based on our review of pertinent case documents and communications with the trial team. When pretrial research (mock trial or focus group research) has been conducted, FLC can design the SJQ incorporating the results from the research to elicit the maximum amount of useful information from the venire.

Your questions provided me the basis for the best voir dire I have ever done in 23 years of legal experience…I enjoyed working with you and I will recommend your services. I will no doubt use you again in the future. Arthur Bowman, Denver, Colorado

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