Strategic Litigation Solutions

Law firms turn to us when the stakes are high to simplify complexities and implement key tactical moves for cost-effective settlement and trial.

Visual Aids and Trial Technology

Research has shown that people remember more of what they see than what they hear – the vast majority of people are visual learners. Therefore, print and electronic demonstrative aids are some of your most powerful visual tools at trial, arbitration, and mediation. Visual aids can positively affect the outcome of a case if they help the fact-finder to understand, absorb and retain your central themes, crucial evidence and complex information. We can assist you in developing effective and powerful demonstrative aids, strategizing visual themes and working with our trial graphics affiliates to create the most useful visuals for trial, mediation and arbitration.

We can also coordinate graphic design with one of our trial technology affiliates or liaison with your multimedia or graphics company in-person, or over the phone, email, fax, or Skype.

Your theme suggestions were consistent with our inclinations and proved useful along with the very visual analogies that we in fact adopted at trial. The Walmart smiley face pick-pocket slide was inspired by our work with you and appeared to resonate with the jury. Please consider me as a very strong reference for all your potential engagements. Michael D. Donovan, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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