Strategic Litigation Solutions

Law firms turn to us when the stakes are high to simplify complexities and implement key tactical moves for cost-effective settlement and trial.

Witness and Attorney Pretrial Preparation

Witness Preparation

We offer a unique and comprehensive witness assessment and preparation program that helps shape your witnesses’ presentation and testimony to project more confidence, credibility, poise and persuasiveness. learn more

Deposition Analysis

We will review and analyze witness deposition testimony and provide critical feedback to be used in preparation for trial or settlement negotiations. learn more

Persuasion and Advocacy

Lawyers are on stage before judges and juries, and our training program will give you the “stage presence” needed to most effectively communicate your story in the courtroom. learn more

Image Consulting and Trial Wardrobe

We will assess your image (i.e., appearance, attire) and make recommendations that connect positively with a judge and/or jury and aligns with the facts of your case. We can also coordinate, select, and deliver attire for your trial team, clients, and witnesses. learn more

Opening and Closing Statement Strategy

Using theme development, narrative tools, demonstrative aids, body language techniques, and linguistic cues, we will help you develop opening and closing arguments that are simple, convincing, memorable and used in deliberations. learn more

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